Alexandre de Barros Barreto

  • Marcos Siriaco Martins
  • 7304
  • 2018/08/23

Alexandre B. Barreto is a retired Brazilian Air Force (BAF) Lieutenant-colonel. Dr Barreto’s research is concentrated on Measuring Cyber Impact on the Mission; Integration of Cyber & Operation’s Simulators; and Cyber Security to IoT and SOA Architectures. He has involved in the definition of cyber politics to protect Brazilian Air Traffic Control and Methodologies to evaluate Cyber Exercises. During his career, he managed the Information Technology infrastructure in the Amazon Region and developed a set of simulator specifications for training air traffic controllers. A important position was Deputy Director of Research and Development in the Brazilian’s Air Traffic Control Institute, where he works to establish partnership with national and international laboratories and scientific groups, as coordinate important studies about resilience and cyber security in the Air Traffic Control, impact of ionosphere in the aviation, remote towers, air traffic control certifications, SWIM, etc. Dr. Barreto is currently a Research Associate at the C4I Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, where is worked in the development of C2 Collaborative Research Testbed. He is Vice-president of Brazilian Air Transport Research Society. Other important position is the Software Development Coordinator of Energias Eficiência Energética, where is responsible to development two Unmanned Aircraft System, which will make autonomous inspections into powerplant and transmission electricity facilities. An additional information is that he will retire at the end of current year.