Sandro Melo

  • Marcos Siriaco Martins
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  • 2017/05/02

Sandro Melo –  aka CARIOCA –  I presently work as a Cybersecurity Specialist and also with Advanced Training, Pentest,  Incident Response and Computer Forensic and I am student/candidate in Doctor Program in TIDD/PUC-SP as well. I was born in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to Sao Paulo in which I began my professional career in System Security. Since 1996 I have worked chiefly with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD,  and also with other kind of Operation System like Unix for example, Solaris, Irix, Mac OS X, AIX and FLOSS (Free/libre and Open Source Software). Network Administrator. I am also often a guest professor of  many universities whole Brazil  to teach classes about different subjects such as Security, Pentest and Computer Forensics.

I am proud of everything I do, especially with my work in Computer Forensics. I have years of hands-on experience with many of the top technologies and have written many books and articles on security and forensics, besides being evangelist, dedicating time to share knowledge via participations in different types of conferences. When I am not working or writing, I can be found experimenting the latest Free and Open Source solutions, installing new versions of the same Operation Systems like Unix, for example Linux (Kali, Sans SIFT, REMNUX, Santoku, Debian, Fedora, Redhat, Ubuntu), FreeBSD or Mac OS X and also some FLOSS tools because I find it enjoyable and have a deep passion for my work.