Renato Peixoto

  • Duda Nogueira
  • 617
  • 2017/10/05

Renato Peixoto is an entrepreneur with a passion and focus on nurturing start-ups and new businesses toward success in emerging economies worldwide.

The convergence of multiple expertise led Renato to become one of the earliest members of Endless Computers in 2012, a young and promising Silicon Valley start-up that has created its own hardware and operating system, tailored to the unique challenges of the developing world. Due to his vast knowledge of consumers in emerging markets by leading and analyzing peer to peer research on over 1000 users worldwide, Renato is now leading the Endless Global Costumer Support Team, and he is in charge of the Endless Global Operations Strategy. As one of the senior members of the startup, he manages the Endless partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Regional Offices in Asia and Latin America, such as ASUS, ACER and HP.